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One beautiful Week!

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 11:21 am    Post subject: One beautiful Week! Reply with quote

Wow!!! Every single show this week was outstanding! Even our newest show, Sundays at The Tilted Kilt was improved and we will continue there still. Thank you so much for your support on a summer schedule that can sometimes frustrate this old KJ.

Guy Paul-a not so old KJ-really enjoyed this past Tuesday at the Water Tank, speaking glowingly of the singers, said that Susan was the winner of the $50.00 accumulated bar tab. Had she not come back to this Tuesday's show the prize would have increased another $25.00 but her loss. Generous person that she is, she shared the prize with the other singers who shared their gleeful appreciation of receiving a free drink from her! That is something I appreciate about the "regulars" who come to our shows. They remember that karaoke is about having fun, enjoying each others talent and leaving unhappy things outside, enjoying the brief peaceful respite from worldly pressures. All share in making it a good show that gradually brings in a lot of spectators, who are not afraid to applaud your performances!

Thursday night at the Canary Roost was incredible, too! Where have all of you been?! Thanks for a great night! Did you know that Shelly and Homer are expecting their second child?

Friday at the Water Tank was reminiscent of its "heyday"!!! It was so packed that I think a lot of the "regulars", thinking they would not even be able to get a song in, decided not to come in. Wrong!!! Lots of spectators but only a few singers until about 9 PM but then inspired by some fun groups-like Mike F's notorious bunch-everyone decided to sing! From then on it was "Katie-bar-the-door"! Really great night!!! Thanks! Guess we will have to wait to see what the Saturday Water Tank crowd will be like as I am writing this on Saturday morning. Considering that this is summer and all shows have been doing so well, it will probably be a good time to sing a lot more! Hope you will come!

Be sure to make this the week for you to try our newest show on Sunday in Round Rock at The Tilted Kilt! It would be a nice early evening for dinner and a few drinks. For our "regulars" who have been so supportive there, thank you so much for getting this show "off-the-ground" and a special vote of thanks to Stryker and staff, who were so instrumental in getting it started!

After this week I will be starting a new list for those who want special songs that I do not have on my website song list . Response has been good but I need to get the new song list finished for publishing; so please hurry them up, if you want new songs in this new song list.

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