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Use this form for general inquiries and requests for referrals if you are in need of someone to do a Karaoke show for you.

This form can also be used to submit a show or a correction for an existing show.

NOTE: Please include club name and day show is held on along with what needs to be changed about that show's listing if you are submitting a correction.

If submitting a new show, we must have the following: club name, complete address, phone number, day(s) show happens, start / finish times, and name of KJ, and/or karaoke company to be able to list the show.

Thank you for supporting
and karaoke in Austin as well as
in the Greater Central Texas area

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All Inquiries are Kept Confidential, and are
Not Shared with any Third Parties.

NOTE - This email form sends messages to the
webmaster of this website only, and DOES NOT send
messages to any nightclub listed on this site.

* It is recommended that you call the show you are attending to verify that it is still on *

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